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Mochi Mona sucks of her boyfriend then gets creampied

Amanda Thickk is sick of Rion, her stepson, always bringing a different girl. She is quite overprotective, thus she doesn’t like any of them. Rion, however, insists that Mochi Mona, his current love, is unique from the others and invites her over so they can get to know each other. Mochi is quickly rejected by Amanda, who treats her like trash and interrogates her about a variety of uncomfortable topics. Amanda then confronts her stepson about Mochi. Rion is instructed to confront his stepmom by Mochi when she overhears their talk. Rion doesn’t even know where to start, so Mochi uses a blowjob to help him discover his manhood. When Rion’s stepmother sees them, she discovers that Mochi is incapable of even sucking her stepson’s cock.

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